Pipe Inspection

Are there problems in your sewer pipes?

Tri-County Rooter/Harris Plumbing offers you the revolutionary service of sewer pipe video inspection. No longer   do you have to fear the condition of your sewer pipe and what future problems may arise. With the use     of a video camera we travel through your sewer pipe to precisely determine its condition. The equipment   that makes this possible is a flexible rod connected to a high resolution camera which transmits images from below to a monitor above. A sewer pipe inspection gives our clients the peace of mind to know that their pipes are clean or, if there are problems, prepares them with knowledge and options to proactively address the situation.

Because Tri-County Rooter/Harris Plumbing specializes in video inspection our technicians will be able to give you an unbiased third party evaluation of your pipes. Anyone who has had to deal with sewer problems will agree that it can be an expensive and frustrating process. Often minimal root intrusion or minimal pipe offsets are interpreted by some plumbers as cause for expensive re-piping jobs, so it is hard to know who to trust. Using real-time video feeds, our inspection will provide you with the actual condition of your sewer pipes.

 If there is a major root intrusion in the pipe, Tri-County Rooter/Harris Plumbing Services can quote to provide a maintenance program, heading off very expensive repairs and headaches!

Pinpointing the Problem

   In addition to camera inspection, Harris               Plumbing Services can locate and mark               precisely where pipe damage is in a line so           that a company can quickly and easily repair       the pipe without major intrusions. We can           help save time, money, and your lawn by             directing our repair technicians to the exact         point of the problem.

What are the Benefits?

   INSURE YOUR HOME by identifying the                 health of your sewer pipes.

   FIND OUT FIRST you may save money on             expensive sewer repair jobs.

   PINPOINT THE EXACT LOCATION of sewer         problems and minimize yard intrusion.